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E - Cards or E - Business Cards
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The E Business Card

Our Idea of marketing is a little different...
We think you should be able to get your information across to the public and to your potential clients with no guess work. 

The idea is simple. You have a web site that goes into great detail about your business, e-mail, perhaps a Face Book - Twitter - Linked in page, and even order forms. Everything you need right?   Not Really...
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We are here to introduce a new way of showing more than just a piece of paper
(a regular business card) to advertise your company or direct them to your Electronic advertising. What we offer is a...

E~Business Cards are much more Informative than regular Business Cards.

CD the size of a business card

That's right, not only can we make the same information available on the front of the E Business Card (just like your existing business card), but this disk can hold up to 40mb of data that is able to be viewed from most any CD - Rom.

E~Business Cards are much more Informative than regular Business Cards.
With this space, We are able to develop a whole new way of selling your products or services. These E - Business Cards are designed with you in mind and generated to help promote the items or services you wish. The information is generally different than a website, and created to enhance any of your Electronic  information that may already exist. The services offered by E~N~S Productions can all be used on this card, or you can bring your own and we place it on the card for you. For instance, If you wanted to make a mini commercial, you can have our videography department film it, our Photography department photograph the products, and our development department build your card for you. Being able to help our clients from the beginning of the Production to the finished product. 

E~N~S Productions GroupJust imagine the potential and possibilities... a business card that can actually do away with the "cold call" aspect of business. Instead, your E-Business Card can let people feel like they are really getting to know you as a business person as well as the company they want to call on for the sales or services they need. 

Another great reason being, paper is easy to dispose of, however, an
E - Business Card is less likely to be thrown away. This card Holds Value even if not used right away!!!

We offer:
Full development- this means we come to you for a free consultation, find out what market you want to hit, your ideas, and the presentation you want. Then we bring in our equipment, film, photograph, and edit the professionalism of your companies services, it's products, or whatever you want to show on the card. We compile all of these items into a customized auto run, a complete link to your website or any page or phrase there of, Face Book, Twitter, e-Mail pages and more... We compile all the information to create video's, typed pages, links from words, and even forms all based on the CD only. 

With this, your potential or existing client can go to one place and click on any link to view the information about your company on the web all they need is an internet access and all the links will take them to each specified page on the web. 

Labels - Labels will be custom designed to fit your needs. Pictures, QR codes for either an Android, I Phone, Blackberry phone for easy transfer of your contact information. Of course your personalized information that you need to be displayed....not unlike your existing paper style card.

Duplication - We duplicate all e-business cards here in house. This means that if you want more, just contact us and place the order. 

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